Massage Therapies

All massage therapies including Sports Massage / Cupping Massage / Candle Massage

Express treatment £24

A 30 minute express treatment for Back, Neck & Shoulders OR legs only.

Midi treatment £32

A 45 minute treatment for Back, Neck & Shoulders OR legs plus focus on a targeted problem or area.

Standard treatment £40

A 1 hour treatment for either full body massage or enhanced focus on an injury or problem area.

Deluxe treatment – £55

A deluxe treatment tailored to suit your requirements.

Pregnancy & Post Partum Treatments

Pregnancy Massage £45

A 70 minute beautifully relaxing or therapeutic treatment targeting pregnancy aches and pains.  Suitable at all stages of pregnancy.

New Mum Massage £40

A 1 hour hydrotherm treatment aimed at helping the mind and body adjust from pregnancy to post partum and help with any aches, pains and tension. 

New Mum Deluxe Treatment £55

A 90 minute full body treatment honouring the amazing transformation the body has gone through.  With additional hand and foot treatments & scalp massage.

Fertility or Maternity Reflexology £40

A 1 hour reflexology treatment specifically targeted for those trying to conceive or currently pregnant.


Hydrotherm Massage

Weightless, face-up massage undertaken on warm water cushions.

Back, Neck & Shoulders £32

A beautifully relaxing 45 minute back, neck & shoulders massage.

Full Body Massage £40

A beautifully relaxing 1 hour fully body massage treatment laying face up floating on our amazing hydrotherm system .

Deluxe Hydrotherm Treatment £55

A 90 minute full body treatment plus hand and foot (scrub, warm mitts and moisturiser) treatments & scalp massage.

Holistic Therapies

A range of holistic treatments to enhance wellbeing

Clinical Foot Reflexology  £40 

A 1hr therapeutic holistic foot reflexology treatment tailored to your individual needs helping to restore natural balance and wellbeing.

Reiki  Treatment £35 

A 1hr relaxing and re-balancing treatment targeted to your needs. 

Deluxe Body Treatment  £50

A 70 minute treatment involving body brushing, exfoliating scrub & moisturiser.



Holistic Facials

Using 100% natural organic products from the wonderful Bioaroma range

Express Facial  Treatment £25

A 25 minute treatment using cleanser, toner & moisturiser.  Includes a short facial massage to give a rejuvenated look.

Holistic Facial Treatment £32.50

A 45 minute treatment involving cleanser, toner, mask/ exfoliation, moisturiser and face, neck & shoulder massage

Holistic Facial plus Facial Cupping £40

A 60 minute treatment involving a full holistic facial, face, neck & shoulder massage & facial cupping

Facial Reflexology Catherine Clooney Method

FRCC Facial Reflexology    £55

A 60 minute therapeutic facial reflexology treatment.  Amazingly relaxing, this holistic treatment helps to balance the body and also helps to brighten the skin.

FRCC Facial Gua Sha Treatment £45

A  100% natural lifting and sculpting treatment lasting 45 minutes, which helps to lift and brighten the skin.


Therapy Passes/ Blocks

* Monthly Massage Pass (4 x 1hr Treatments) – £140

* Monthly Express Massage Pass (4 x 30min Treatments) – £80

* 3 Month Massage Pass (6 x 1 hr Treatments) – £216

* 6 Reflexology Sessions Pass – £210

* 6 Facial Reflexology Treatment Pass – £275


Perfect Partners

* Hydrotherm Massage & Full Holistic Facial (90 mins) – £60

* Facial Reflexology & Gua Sha Treatment (75 minutes) – £80


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